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Islam and Politics

Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked about the ruling on elections, and he replied: I think that elections are obligatory; we sh

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Attorney Anu Kemet on CTV News

Prince George’s County Attorney and PGCMC Board Member Anu Kemet is interviewed by CTV news about anti-Muslim incidents since the election of President Donald

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CTV Scholars Chair Interview

Jameel Aalim-Johnson, President of the Prince George’s County Muslim Council is interviewed on the Scholars’ Chair about political and civic involvement

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PGCMC Joins CAIR-MD, other Muslim Grou …

Maryland Muslim, civil liberties representatives oppose new travel ban Zainab Chaudry, a spokeswoman for the Council on American–Islamic Relations in Maryland, sai

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PGCMC Town Hall with Reps. Hoyer and B …

Masjid Townhall Packed with Concerns, but not with Muslims Invitations went out from the Prince George’s County Muslim Council, flyers were texted from phone to ph

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