Maryland State Legislature Passes Poli …

In the 2021 Legislative Session that ended this month Maryland passed and made law several pieces of legislation to address police misconduct and to support Historic

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If Not Justice, at least Accountabilit …

It was nearly a year ago that the world was stunned into anger as we watched Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneel on the neck of unarmed and subdued George F

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Prince George’s County Muslims O …

Prince George’s County Muslims offered their views on the 2020 Presidential Election and the issues they feel should be priorities for the Muslim community. Th

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Eid ul Fitr, A Public School Holiday i …

By Amina Thomas The school year has begun for Prince George’s County students.  The COVID-19 crisis has made this an unusual time for children and families as

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Voting Recommendations for November 20 …

On November 3, 2020 upon us will be one of the most important elections of our lives. The direction of national policy for certainly the next four years, and possibl

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Voting in the Upcoming Election

Here you may find the answers to many frequently asked questions concerning the Prince George’s County 2020 Presidential General Election. You can also go to:

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