Prince George’s County Muslims offered their views on the 2020 Presidential Election and the issues they feel should be priorities for the Muslim community. The survey, which had a response rate of approximately 9%, revealed a community with a high level of voter registration and voter participation. Unlike the national Muslim community which is estimated by a CAIR survey to have voted over 69% for Biden/Harris vs. 17% for Trump/Pence, Prince George’s County area Muslim voters supported Biden/Harris over Trump/Pence by a margin of nearly 95% to 5% respectively.

When it came to policy priorities, the Prince George’s County Muslim Community placed religious rights being respected by government agencies as its highest priority. Agency cultural sensitivity, maintaining Eid as a public school holiday (2021 will be the first year the Prince George’s County Public Schools will be closed for Eid) and police reform were nearly equal as the next highest priorities. Surprisingly enough foreign policy was the lowest priority for respondents. Civic education is certainly needed as nearly 45% of respondents were not aware of the significance of the 2022 gubernatorial elections where nearly every state and local elected office will be on the ballot. Click on the link on below for the full survey results.

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