Wes Moore, Chris Van Hollen, Brooke Lierman and Angela Alsobrooks head PGCMC List of Endorsed Candidates

After ten months of interviews with numerous candidates, reviews of candidate questionnaires, and committee consultation meetings, Prince George’s County Muslim Council is releasing its list of endorsed candidates for the Muslim community to consider when voting in the primaries next month.

“The Political Committee of the organization did a great job in organizing interviews with multiple candidates for various offices during a very busy political year. We particularly spoke to candidates about their commitment to include the Muslim community in both their policy making and their staffing considerations in what was an extensive months long process” states Jameel Aalim-Johnson, President of PGCMC.

Here is PGCMC’s full list of endorsed candidates.*

Federal Offices
Senator – Chris Van Hollen
Congress 4th District – Glenn Ivey
Congress 5th District – Steny Hoyer

State Offices
Governor – Wes Moore
Attorney General – Anthony Brown
State Comptroller – Brooke Lierman

Delegate District 21 – Joseline Pena-Melnyk
Delegates District 22 – Anne Healy; Alonzo Washington; Nicole Williams
State Senator District 23 – Raheela Ahmed
Delegates District 24 – Christopher Stevenson; Jazz Lewis
Delegate District 47A – Julian Ivey

County Offices
County Executive – Angela Alsobrooks
State’s Attorney – Aisha Braveboy
Clerk of the Court – Mahasin El-Amin
County Council -at-Large – Calvin Hawkins; Melvin Franklin
County Council District 3 – Eric Olson
County Council District 5 – Jolene Ivey
County Council District 6 – Denise Smith

*Races not mentioned here indicate a neutral position on the candidate or candidates.

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